Hi I'm Anthony!

My introduction to photography began when my parents handed me my first camera, a Kodak KB-10 35mm camera when I was about eight years old. I continued with my love of photography at Las Vegas Academy, where I learned on black and white film and developed my passion for the darkroom. After graduating with my major in photography, I attended the College of Southern Nevada. At CSN, I honed my skills in digital photography, lighting, and photo editing.

I'm a generally introverted nerd, but get me talking on history, sci-fi, music, or rock climbing, and I can talk your ear off. My goal in every session or wedding is to create a low stress, enjoyable experience where even if you aren't that into getting photographed, like myself, you can still have fun. I always aim to capture authentic and natural images that reflect the couple. Getting special little moments where a couple forgets I'm there and can just be lost in the moment of there day and each other is my favorite.

I'm always trying new things and trying to get creative images that fit the overall vibe of the couple and their day. Having a couple that comes to me with new ideas and references are always amazing. I like to follow the lead of the couple, keep things fun, and remove the stress the day can bring. 

Photo Credit: Myron Hensel Photography